Trinity is a member of the Northeastern Baptist Association. On this site you will find the calender of association events.
We attend Kidz, Children, and Youth camps at GLBA. You will find pictures of previous camps and other GLBA events. You will also find information about upcoming GLBA events.
The Most Important Thing website is a space on the internet that Oklahoma's Christians can use to share their personal experience of knowing Jesus. Explore the Most Important Thing in a spirit of openness. Take some time and really explore the site, watch all the videos, read people's stories, explore the gospel's true meaning, learn what it is like to WALK in a new life in Jesus. Follow some of the links to explore further. This site is dedicated to you and your needs.
Each of us has been created with a specific purpose and plan in mind for our lives. Some of the hints about who we are and why we’re here can be found in our talents, gifts and abilities, all those things we do well and really like to be a part of. But to unlock the mystery completely, we’ve got to personally know the one who set the plan in motion. This site is all about helping you discover a relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. This might turn out to be the most exciting, challenging and life changing event of your life, so take some time to browse through all the lockers as you discover the reason you were born and what’s in store for you in the future.